Tuesday, October 13, 2009

You better work!

Oy! I have been so busy lately! Between eating and sleeping it is a wonder how I have time to carry out the  regular duties of my life. (Heh-heh, doody.) I want to write on my blog but it is so hard to use the laptop with everyone holding me.

Grandma Harriet came in from South Carolina and stayed with Aunt Karen for a whole week. We spent every morning and afternoon together in each other's arms. She sang to me and I cooed and smiled like it was my job.

Writing of which, I'm now able to get a job. Yep, I got my social security card in the mail and my birth certificate. Mom wants me to pay for college by getting some modeling work now. You know, in case I peak early I want to cash in on this time when I'm so gorgeous! But, I'll probably just get better looking every day. Watch out Matthew McCounaughey! Well, you will be old by the time I'm buff, but we might end up competing for the same Cougars.

But, the job I'm most proud of is my dad's. Today in the mail he received this month's Reader's Digest. His cartoon ran on p.50. He is so cool! I cannot wait to see what he draws for me.

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