Friday, October 17, 2014

In the blink of an eye

Sheesh, things happen fast. One minute my little brother is 1, the next he is 3. He is in his second year at Edgie's, going "full time" this year. Even with all of the days off and stuff it has been good for mom and dad. They both have more time to work which means more money for toys. Woot!

Now, me, I mastered PreK last year - shout out to my special lady Ms. Glick. I have moved on to K with Ms. Wat - what up, Ms. W?

What I haven't mastered? Perfect health? I know, it is crazy, I have mad abs and no body fat - I should be the picture of health. But that fatty linger is still there, lingering in the background. I have switched to a new specialist, supposedly Mount Sinai is THE place for pediatric liver stuff, so I am under the care of Dr. Nanci Pittman now. Dad and I went to her last month and they literally squeezed blood out of me while I screamed my head off. You probably don't know because I usually am a little angel in public, but I can be quite the drama queen. I cannot wait until I learn to curse so I can properly express my feelings about stubbing my toe.

Any way, so Dr. Mencin at Columbia is out. Pittman is in. But, guess what? The lab lost my test results. I have to go back to Quest and give MORE blood. Not excited about that. What do you think I can get as compensation? A basketball? A new scooter? A car? From what it looks like from one of the two tests that the results came back for it looks like I have a marker for some sort of auto-immune. It might not effect my for a while. And we do not know yet how it will present. I guess I want to find out so if there is something I can do, besides giving up meat and fatty foods, to keep it from activating. But, if I cannot do anything about it do I really need to get stuck by an extra needle?