Thursday, July 22, 2010

GYE: Yearbook Camp

We went to yearbook camp with four of the schools that Mommy works with in NYC. I got to ride the bus with the cool kids. On the way back the ENTIRE bus sang my favorite song for me: The Wheels On the Bus! I got so excited I soiled my diaper! How embarrassing! At camp some students took a photography class, I was a popular subject. So was my friend, Elizabeth, who is mommy's friend (& a yearbook adviser)'s daughter. Here is a little scrapbook action from the week.

In the car heading to Newark to catch the bus. With my homeboys Gerard, Mike and Willy G.

Enough Paparazzi! I would like to address my fans now.

Thanks to MK for contributing photos.

A Day in Life: 10 Months

Auntie Wendy and I have been trying to find the time to iChat. I miss cousins Alexa & Joely, Uncle Mitch is pretty cool too. But LA is a busy place and sometimes we have trouble working out our schedules. So, I made a sample schedule so they would know when to give me ring. I wakes up around 7, Daddy keeps me quiet until 9. We play, we eat, we nap, we drink milk. Sometimes we leave the house, mostly we don't. Sometimes we have therapists here, but that's only a half hour at a time. In the evenings mommy and daddy talk about what they are going to make for dinner, then we order delivery. More playing, drinking milk, tv watching and crying which comes to a grand finale somewhere between 8-10pm.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Frog Prince

I went to Brooklyn to visit mommy's friend Sergio. He had a beautiful garden!