Saturday, October 31, 2009

Peaceful, e-z feeling

Wow! I cannot believe I have been home for a week. I am adjusting well to downtown life. Thursday Grandma E and Grandpa Arnie came over and hung out with me while mom cleaned the house and did some work. ew! Once they left i finally had a chance to go outside for the first time. It was already dusk and Dad was out at a gig. I felt like i needed to take the baby bjorn for a test ride. Mom & I were the only two at the park and I wondered if she was a bad mother for having her kid out in the cold and the dark, but it was just so nice to get some fresh air. I was in awe of the sidewalk and the buildings and was all the passerby-ers tried to sneak peaks of me because I am so delicious.

Yesterday mom and dad took me to the pediatrician. We decided to go to SoHo Pediatrics because it was highly recommended and conveniently located. We saw Dr. Wong, she's really nice. There was also a third year medical student there named Ashish. He goes to NYU so mom gave him her card - maybe she can do his school's yearbook. That would be cool! So, the Dr. went well. The best part – no shots for me! Mom & Dad had two each, hahaha. They both received H1N1 and regular flu shots so they could protect me. They are nice! I have to go back in a couple of weeks and I will start my vaccinations then. Just like a regular baby! BI also have to follow up with a pulmonologist and a gastroenterologist, I better get an unlimited metro card.

After the Dr. mom took me to Scholastic to meet up with Gena. We went to lunch at Dos Caminos in SoHo while Dad went to work on cartoons at Starbucks. I was really good. Gena held me for a while. Then mom fed me and I managed to get poop on the front of my Halloween onesie. It was really an impressive feat. The best part was that the restaurant did not have a changing table. I think mommy is going to have to start making different choices about restaurants in the future. 

We met up with Dad at Old Navy and headed up to my very first party! It was in the East Village with families from the mommy group. I was the smallest baby and all of the mommies and daddies wanted to hold me. I loved all of the attention! And the beermilk was delicious! Just kidding Grandma Harriet!

Today is the anniversary of the day Mom and Dad met four years ago in the East Village. To celebrate we are going to lay in bed all day, just like on their first date. Just kidding Grandma Harriet!

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