Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Super Trooper

I am so excited I can hardly sleep! Tonight Mom & Dad are staying over at the hospital with me. I have no monitors and it feels good to be out in the wild.

There are so many new things to look at in the "Launch Pad Suite" here with Mom & Dad! Well, the ceiling looks pretty similar, but I can see so much more of it from here. Especially when Mommy laid me down on the bed with her, I could see so far! And the lights are so bright, I love it!

With all of this activity I'm just starving. Delores fed me today and I finished my bottle with her - 60 out of 90 ccs. Mom fed me at 8pm. It was just the two of us so she let me start at 7:45. It took me an hour, but I actually drank the whole thing by the bottle. Don't tell the nurses it took me that long. Listen, I'm practically a free man and I want to feed on demand. That's right.

Mom & Dad learned how to pass my NG tube tonight. Luckily they practiced on a dummy. But I'm no dummy, I'm going to take all my food by mouth so next time I rip this tube out of my nose they won't have to put it back in. Wish me luck!

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