Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dr. Fickle

I'll be honest, I'm a little skeptical of my current attending. In the last two-and-a-half weeks she has given me three very different scenarios.

First she told me I needed to go to another hospital. So mom and dad asked around and went on a tour of NYU. They said it was okay, but how excited can you get over a hospital? At least it is closer to home.

Then last week she introduced the possibility of me having surgery to place a G-tube. That stands for gastric tube and instead of going through my nose there is a port directly from the inside of my stomach to the outside. Easy living! But, surgery, that does not sound appealing. I think we should wait a little longer. Maybe I will gain stamina quickly and be able to handle all my feedings all the time. I would rather have the NG (nasal-gastric) tube a little longer. Even though it annoys me and I pull it off sometimes.  So the doctor said our surgeon - nice guy, lifesaver - would stop by to discuss it with us. Never saw him. Was he too busy? Did he not know the attending's plan? Dad thinks it is a scam to charge another few grand for surgery. Hard to say.

Now they are talking about teaching Mom and Dad how to pass my NG tube through my nose. The nurse is going to show them this tomorrow and then they will stay overnight at the hospital in a room alone with me. We are not sure whether or not there will be monitors, we have heard a few different versions of this. After our overnight together I go back to my crib and continue with my observation. I can't wait for Mom and Dad to see what I'm really like at night. All the nurses have told them I sleep through the night. hahahahaha.

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