Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back

Today sucked! I know, harsh language for a boy my age, but it just wasn't my day. Things were going just fine this morning when mommy called at 7am. Nurse Jamie had given me a bath and kept my happy through the night. But around 10am I just was not getting the attention I needed so I screamed as loud as I could. My punishment? Back on C-PAPP for me and no feeding by mouth today.

When Mommy spoke to the nurse today at 11am she scared the crap out of her by saying that I might have a collapsed lung. Mommy and Daddy rushed up to be my side. By the time they got here the Drs. had done an x-ray and found that my feeding tube was in the wrong position. It has now been repositioned, drats!

The highlight of my day was when the twins sharing my pod got an x-ray. Mom & Dad were told to clear the area. Mom said, "I'm not leaving my baby to be exposed to x-rays" and disconnected me from the C-PAPP and all my monitors. I only got to go a few feet down the hall, but it was amazing! I'm thinking tomorrow I'll rip out the feeding tube and get the heck out of here for a few hours.


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