Saturday, September 19, 2009

Moving on Up

Today was pretty exciting. Grandpa Arnie came to visit me first. Then Aunt Karen showed up and played me some Barry Mannilow music - don't tell Daddy! While the music was playing I got to put on my first outfit. It is from one of mommy's sorority sisters and it has lions on it. So comfy! Mommy came and held me again. While we were cuddling I was fed through my tube - this time 20ccs of breast milk. So satisfying for my tummy!
Later on in the day I got switched from a warming bed to a crib. I can't wait to show off my new digs to mom & dad tomorrow!

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  1. Dear Lauren & Evan,

    Ted and I are so thrilled for the two of you & wanted to congratulate
    you for the wonderful progress that Zeke is making. We prayed for the three of you yesterday in synagogue
    and are so happy that Zeke is now in his crib. May the New Year bring the three of you health most of all.
    Prosperity and happiness are also wished for you.
    Zeke and I hare a special bond as we
    both share the same birthday and it has proven to be a very lucky day. I have always loved having a birthday with repeat numbers.
    Again, our love and prayers go out to the three of you.
    Florence (and Ted,too)