Friday, September 25, 2009

CPapp, C-Schmapp

Every time the Drs. come around they talk about how well I'm doing. However, not one of them has mentioned my going home. It is really annoying me, as I think I'm ready. But, I guess if I need to stay here and be monitored than that is what I will do. No sense going home just to be rushed back here. After all, I have been living with an undeveloped lung for the past 8-9 months, I don't want to push myself TOO hard!

When mommy tells my previous nurses how well I am doing they are all amazed. "No CPAPP?", "Taking to the breast right away?", Tolerating all his feedings?" I hear them say. My nurse from last week, Tweetum, came to see me tonight. Mom had just finished nursing me and I was laying back enjoying the milk drunk when the milk came back up through my mouth and nose. It was hysterical! I acted pretty cool about it, not showing too much emotion, but mommy was just laughing. I managed to soak her pants pretty well. I think she was happy because more and more I'm turning into a regular baby and the conversation for parents is about body fluids and functions, not tests and medications.

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