Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Feeding Frenzy

Now that I have been on breastmilk for 3 days my diapers are starting to get interesting. Today Aunt Karen and mommy changed me and I peed on them both and then a little poop to round it out. Then when daddy and mommy changed me later I repeated the performance. Now THAT is what little boys are made of!
Today mom fed me 25ccs of milk through a bottle. The rest went through my tube because I get so tired from all the work of eating.
All the doctors and surgeons who come to visit me say how well I'm doing. I try to be modest, but I am pretty awesome. Mom keeps asking when I can bust out of this place but the nurses and doctors are firm with their answer and are putting all of the pressure on my performance. It is tough being a baby! One of my surgeons, Kevin, did say that he feels my status has moved to judging my progress hour by hour to day by day. This made me feel a lot better, although it makes planning my fall very difficult!

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  1. L- he is so darn cute! I am so happy for your little family! Not that I don't love Sarah with all my heart; my boys have my heart, there is just something about a boy and his mommy. You'll see one day. I wish your family all the happiness, joy, laughter and love as you begin your journey...hold on tight, you're in for the ride of your life!