Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kabir & Me

Kabir lives next door to me. He is six weeks younger. He was supposed to be eight weeks younger but I was born one week late, and he was born one week early. That happens sometimes. Okay, that happens alot. Anyway, Kabir comes over to play every now and then. We like to hold hands after I punch him on the shoulder. That makes it masculine.

Kabir's older brother is Arjen and he's been coming over to my house since before I was even made! He's already two years old. I think he's cool because he can walk and is starting to talk but he's not really interested in babies. Maybe we'll be friends when I'm older.

Mausi Rupila (Mausi means Aunt in Hindi) and Uncle Kash (I didn't learn that word yet) come over and we get to go over there. It is so fun growing up next door to two other guys. I can't wait until Isa (across the hall) has her baby in a few months. Party all the time!

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