Saturday, January 22, 2011

How YOU Doin?

In addition to climbing up and down every flight of stairs I can find I love to run around. Literally. I can run! This is awesome! And you already know that I love to talk. Next time we talk ask me my name, it's "e-zee."

You have been asking about my health and I have not had much to report until now. You probably know I am a skinny, little dude. I am tall so that is good, but at least 5 pounds less than I should be. They are not sure if it is complications from my original birth defect or if there are outside factors. Right now I am seeing a gastroenterologist and he is sending me for tests all over the place. Well, they are all at Columbia, just all over my body.

First I had a sonogram that showed my liver was slightly enlarged and had a weird texture. The blood flow looked good somewhere in my belly area, there was some random spot but it seems to be nothing. Blood tests showed some elevated levels in my liver but my nutrition levels were surprisingly good.

My  EKG (heart) scan went okay. It wasn't nice that they kept me waiting in the office so long, and I screamed the whole time (much like my sonogram). The nurse kept telling me she wasn't hurting me. So I must have been confused. The were looking for hyper-pulminory tension but the blood was flowing so that isn't the problem. They did find that I had holes in my heart. The holes may close naturally, or may be too small to cause damage to the heart and lungs.

I also had a chest x-ray. Considering one lung was flattened in utero things are looking good.

The next steps are taking another blood test to see if my liver levels are back to normal. If not the next step is a liver biopsy. The GI also wants me to have an endoscopy. If I need a biopsy then they will do them both together while I am under anesthesia.

So, it is not easy, but it is my life. And when I am not being poked and pricked I am off and running!

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